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CompactDry™ is a ready-to-use test method which helps to reduce the time needed to perform microbial testing.
Therefore, it allows maximum productivity by increasing efficiency. The plates can be used to test raw materials as well as finished products like food, beverage, meat, cosmetic and other samples.

Innovations of Laboratory Technologies

We provide solutions for laboratory equipments such as Moisture Analyzer, weighing balance, Incubator, water baths, hot plates, Stirrers, Oven, autoclave, UV Spectrophotometer, Laminar Flow etc.

Lumitester Smart

The Lumitester Smart allows the rapid detection of microbial and food residues using the ATP method. Thanks to its patented A3 technology, it detects even the smallest traces of ATP+ADP+AMP.

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We are a life science company that protect your health through microbiological and chemical know-how via the distribution of hygiene monitoring kits, microbial test kits, laboratory equipment, analytical and industrial chemicals, food constituents and residues, glasswares, consumables, apparatus and general laboratory supply.

We recruit and train quality control presonnels to work in more effective ways to help organizations perform optimally.

Our services are widely used by food production industries, Manufacturing industries, Big restaurants (resturants of hotels), Healthcare institutions, Schools, Research institutes and the general public.

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